Risky Networks

About us

Ellimaija has an interest in the risks and possibilities of new and digital media for social change, specifically online civic engagement and representations of development through digital storytelling.

Anna has a special interest in journalism, politics and how the new media influences these sectors. She spent time in different countries, learned about censorship and is fascinated by how the social media can on the one hand help people to organize their political activities for good and on the other hand allows to spread misinformation for bad.

Richaela supports international development organizations in the field of ICT4D, learning and knowledge management. She has a passion for critically examining how various technologies bring about social change and/or social detriment.

Nina is passionate about looking into how social media and various technologies can play a role in issues concerning migration, language rights and Indigenous matters. She firmly believes that ICT solutions can bring about positive social change; however, she is ever more worried over the speed of the spread of misinformation and governments’ take on privacy and access to information.