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Online Activism on Social Media – A Critical Look

Online Activism on Social Media – A Critical Look

New Media!

Technology has revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. More than likely, you have at least one social media account.

We’re social beings, so connecting with others is an important part of our lives.




But, have you ever thought what exactly you use social media for?

Do you ever use this technology for activism?

Many of us may use social media to voice our thoughts and stances in order to raise awareness, organize, and promote social change.

But what about the disparities that exist between the Global North and South when it comes to Internet access?

Is gender and disability factors of inequality when it comes to accessing new media and technology?

Is poverty a factor when people want to voice out opinions via technological devices?

During the month of October, I will be blogging about the inequalities that exist when it comes to online activism around the world and the impact that online activism has on society.

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