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Goodbye from Decolonline

Goodbye from Decolonline

What goes up must come down, and like every good story, our blog has come to an end. And even though a couple of blog posts are still to come, our Decolonline project is about to wrap up. Our stories began from the desire to create social change by looking at the power structures around the world that dictate everyone else’s actions. Our idea to decolonize the online world inspired us to write about online activism, new media, and technology while bringing up issues like access inequality, marginalization, and postcolonial power relations. 

We spoke about gender and income inequality, which exacerbates the problem of technology access in the developing world and what we need to help solve the issue. We wrote about slacktivism and how little it helps to write a post on the Internet without meaningful action or focus. We also wrote about how the world is dictated by power relations and why we should concentrate more on hearing what the Global South has to say about the matters that directly affect them. 

The subjects we wrote about are very intricate and they require complex solutions; however, we hope that our blogs fostered the process of cooperation and critical thinking many of us need to produce some answers and possible solutions in order to create meaningful social change in the future. 

It was an honor to reach out to you and engage with you. We feel privileged to be able to voice our thoughts while encouraging others to do the same. We hope we inspired you, made you feel included, and motivated you to get involved in creating social change.

Goodbye from all of us at Decolonline and thank you for reading our blog.


Photo Credit:
“Goodbye” by Renee Fisher on Unsplash.