Meet the Rohingya photographers on social media

Meet the Rohingya photographers on social media

Through photography and social media, some Rohingya refugees are documenting life in Bangladesh. By definition, many of them are also activists because they advocate for human rights and want social change in Myanmar, their native country. New media and the internet have allowed them to create a networked social sphere despite de limited freedom at the refugee camps. 

Some of these photographers are amateurs, while others are professionals. The majority are men, but there are some women as well. The pictures’ styles range from intimate to social, showing kids playing, people praying, floods or protests. Most of their pictures are taken with smartphones and shared on social media. 

Using hashtags like #RohingyaCrisis and #RohingyaLivesMatter on social media, their work reflects the real life of many refugees, who sometimes hold banners in protests to claim their human rights.

In the last weeks I have found many of them on Twitter, the social media I use more often, but most of them are also on Instagram and Facebook. Some of these photographers publish their work in Rohingya Photography Competition and Rohingyatographer Magazine.

Sahat Zia Hero: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Abdullah Khin Maung Thein: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Shahida Win: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Azimul Hasson: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Hujjat Ullah: Instagram

Md Jamal: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Ro Yassin Abdumonaf: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Enayet Khan: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Md Iddris: Instagram Facebook

Omal Kahir: Instagram Twitter

Ro Anamul Hasan: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Ro Mon Sur Ali: Instagram Twitter

arfat: Twitter

Ro Arfat Khan: Twitter

Haider Ali: Twitter

Dil Kayas: Instagram Twitter

Mohammed Zonaid: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Abdullah: Twitter

Ro Mehrooz: Twitter

Abul Kalam: Instagram Facebook Twitter