Risky Networks Weekly Review – 25 October 2020

This week, Richaela discusses Aadhaar, India’s national biometric identification system, data injustice, and how it reproduces inequalities for historically disadvantaged groups. In Aadhaar India: When well-intentioned innovation marginalizes, Richaela dives into the history of Aadhaar and discusses a few case studies, which highlight how the ID system misses the mark …

Aadhaar India: When well-intentioned innovation marginalizes

This is the third article in a critical series on when well-intended ICTs and online platforms miss the mark in transforming society. This article discusses the case of India’s biometric ID system, Aadhaar, and it linkages to social services assistance delivery and data injustice.

Risky Networks Weekly Review – 25 September 2020

This week our writers Ellimaija and Anna discuss the negative side of social media networks within philanthropy and ethnic tensions.    In Celebrity philanthropy: The risks of commercial social networks for development work, Ellimaija explains how the growing popularity of celebrity philanthropy on social media represents a new form of …


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