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Category: <span>Migration</span>

Category: Migration

Does technology deserve inclusion in policy frameworks for its potential in migration & development?

In my first post, I incorporated Amartya Sen’s approach that development must be judged by its impact on people, their choices, capabilities and freedoms, making migration (people on the move) and how we communicate about it, an ideal subject to explore ICT as a vector of development. I have already …

Mobile help: Migrant women, gender-based violence & ICTs

In today’s data-driven world, even essential services are moving to the cloud at an exponential rate. Online services are increasingly offered as the default, or sometimes the only, option. While often welcomed as a positive, inclusive development, a dependence on online services and technology comes with many questions. In this …

Growing Europe: seeds of migration, digital soil, pruning language

In September I followed Growing Europe, a series of events on migrant entrepreneurship in Europe run each Thursday of the month. It was a collaborative effort of three projects that work to boost migrant entrepreneurship: European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network (EMEN), Network for Migrant Entrepreneurs to Scale Up and Grow (M-UP) …


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