Big Data - Challenges or Chances in Development?

ICT, Datafication, Covid-19, Social Listening and AI Technology in Development
Big Data - Challenges or Chances in Development?

Big Data – Challenges or Chances in Development?

Data, ML and AI: The in-betweens of Technology and Communication

MALMO UNIVERSITY, Communications for Development  Course – New Media, ICT and Development, HT 21  Examination – NMICT & D: Individual assignment  Name – Sampurna Datta Paul  Date of Submission – 06.12.2021 (Late Submission)  Word count – 2,320    Data, ML and AI: …

Countering the extremist narrative, how social listening could help.

In my previous post I have highlighted a Public Health project in which Social Listening was effectively employed to not only provide optimized communication materials for health practitioners worldwide, but also advice and techniques to pre- and debunk misinformation. As the social …

Is Facebook still trending or does its power crumble? Who regulates?

Facebook promises 10,000 new jobs in the EU and announces the ‘metaverse’, which ‘some people think could be the future of the internet,’ BBC reported two day ago. The announcement comes as Facebook deals with devastating reports and faces increased calls for …