Jens Ilström, Timmi Karlsson Kauranen, Nathalie Stridlund, Dennis Nevbäck

AIDA, 2021

Filmed footage, 3D modeled spaces, 3D sound, animation, interactivity

A pioneering company within the tech industry has developed the world’s first AGI. This super advanced computer system is called AIDA. By giving and receiving information from humans via brain frequencies, she is capable of learning more about us, and we are given direct access to her superhuman intellect.

With this project, our aim was to let the user experience what it can mean to connect their consciousness to an AGI as well as what ethical problems this technology entails. We delved into new territory creating a multi-narrated interactive story for people interested in a new immersive VR experience in the realm between film and XR. In this, they are not only immersed in a new world but also able to choose their path within it, all from home in their own living room.